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About Us

Quality Workout  fashion is our promise to you.
Outdoor Fitness

Dr. Te  T'aime Green P.H.D.

CEO & Founder

My dedications can be your motivations


Our Passion

We provide our customers with high quality athletic apparel with an emphasis on comfort and style.


                            Our Purpose

Get Fit with Tam Fit For Life Groups for Fitness and Motivation. Whether you are looking for motivation, some workout or weight loss plans, you will find this when you participate in Get Fit With Tam Fit For Life Facebook Group. 

We are focused on helping each other improve health weight lost, and over all life change. In addition to fitness and health, some high quality gear to matching your workout style.

Get Fit With Tam Fit For Life LLC  fitness and Sports apparel bears the latest style. Choose from our standard hoodies, leggings, shirts, tank tops, waist trainers, biker shorts, water bottles, and much more.

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